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Portable Sheds Create More Space


While everyone may want to own a home someday, the dream home may not meet all their needs. With time, homeowners often require additional space to store their extra stuff as well as a guest house and small garden sheds. Whatever your needs, you can find different types of sheds that can match your needs in our inventory. At Premier of Atoka, we are considered the industry leader in sheds in the entire Collierville area.

Quality Sheds for your Home

We have a large selection of storage buildings with different options. We also offer lofted barns and cabins with porches as well as other different types of portable buildings. If you would like to get customized sheds, you only need to talk to our team about your unique needs. Our team will then build, deliver and install the sheds you ordered. 

If you need financing or a payment plan to cover the installation cost, you will be happy to know that we have an $85/month rent to own sheds in Collierville. You only need to browse through our big selection of sheds and place your order. Our team will deliver and setup the sheds or cabin for you without any delays. Our sheds are durable and storm resistant  This means that you will get great value for your money by purchasing one of our portable buildings in Collierville.

Customized Sheds